Sunday, January 22, 2017


The unspeakable has happened. The Electoral College has  put a man who a racist, a misogynist,  a militarist, a xenophobic, a vengeful, childish, selfish man in the White House. It did this after intelligence agencies revealed that Russia had influenced the election in his favor. That is a dait accompli. Now the struggle begins.
Fact--Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million.That shows that the majority of America voters rejected Donald Trump's view of the world and that of his Ku-Klux-Klan supporters. Despite his efforts to divide the country, Americans are coming together. The Women's March in Washington,   DC attracted larger numbers than the presidential inauguration. This is a documented fact Trump's press secretary tried to disprove although photographic evidence proves that he is lying.The press is not buying the lies. Neither am I.
I am a woman, a mom, a senior citizen, a legal immigrant and a citizen of the United States. Everything Trump represents is a threat to me and others like me.  I cherish my country and its democratic values.  I know that Trump and billionaire cronies are the best America has to look into after its interests. They are not in politics to promote diversity, to care for the needy, to advance social justice.  They have already demonstrated that by the changes they made on the White House website from which they deleted, for example, the LGBT subsection. This is only the beginning.The next step is to defund necessary services such as the  Affordable Care Act. Twenty million people will be left without health insurance once that happens. Is this what the Founding Fathers means government for the people, by the people?

While lying about the number of people who attended the women's march, the White House press secretary took the opportunity to threaten America's free press. This is something no clear thinking American can ignore. A threat against the free press is a threat about one of the fundamental American freedoms. I and many others voters reject this form of intidimation. I will not stand by and watch assaults on freedom of speech. I will opt for peaceful protest but make not mistake about it, I will protest. What is more, I am not alone. There are millions like me and we will ultimately win because we are the caring side, the enlightened side, the side that protects the rights of racial minorities, the poor, the elderly, the handicapped. The side that wants to put money into education, affordable housing, and health care rather than into atomic weapons.

This is not about being a Democrat. This is about loving my country and rejecting tyranny and lies.This is about cherishing the constitutional rights granted to every American. They are worth my time and my energy. In intent tojoin with lie minded Americans to resist a return to the Dark Ages  organize andact. If that makes me into what Trump's misguided, fearful followers call a snowflake so be it. I am not alone. Together, millions of snowflakes can make a blizzard.

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