I detest most euphemisms. I detest, in particular, the well established trend to call a problem an issue, as in "Blogger has issues with uploading photos and with spell check." I do not know who first used this wimpy, silly word in this context--perhaps the same people who substituted neutralize for kill, escalate for bombing the hell out of, or perhaps the idiot who decided that pant is an adequate replacement for the garment previously know as pants. Trouble, problem, difficulty, major annoyances with my HP notebook and with Blogger prompted this grouchy entry. I expect it to solve nothing. I simply want to go on record as being against spin, against obfuscation. That said, I can talk about yarn. That is, I can continue the previous post about frugal knitting. It will have many typos and it may not show any graphics, but here it goes.

In the photo above--if you can see it-- Handpainted Yarn merino lace Cuartzo Verde is the one on left, followed by Noro Kureyon ( Crayon) 40 and Handpainted Yarn merino lace Shiny Lilac. After my relative succes with the mphair and merino Rosas y Palomas shawl, I plan to continue to combine lace yarn with other yarns bought on sale. Noro, Kureyon, for example, came from http://www.huggabugga.com/ which sells it for less than U$ 7. Junior made a fabulous pair of cabled fingerless gloves with it. She is an experienced knitter who can perform magic with the simplest worsted. As a rank beginner, the beauty of my knitting depends as much on the quality of the yarn I use as it depends of the neatness of my stitches.
It may seem extravagant to choose the products shown above instead of the cheaper, discount store acrylic yarns, but I think a beginner who starts out with good quality yarn can produce good quality l knitted items that will last for many years and that will soften and look prettier as time goes on. My experience with acrylic is that is does not wear well. It remain coarse, it tends to pill, which is why I think that investing in better yarn makes more sense in the long run.


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