Every second Tuesday of the month, sevenish, Ellen, who owns Pocket Meadow Farm, a delightful yarn shop in Berkeley Spring, West Virginia, opens her house to fellow knitters. The group includes a computer technician, a meeting planner and her lovely sixteen year-old daughter, a young mother, a museum volunteer and several other women whose backgrounds, age and training are as diverse as the projects they have chosen . The techie crochets brilliantly and in the most recent meeting she whipped up baby booties of rare elegance. The planner and her daughter both worked on gossamer delicate lace. The young mother finished a deliciously spring like yellow sweater for her toddler. My own daughter worked on her Evangeline knucks, made of Noro Kureyon 40. Ellen offered practical help and advice. Her cats contributed inspirational yoga poses. Ther was much laughter, much comraderie and the sense that this is a good, gentle place to be. Now all we have to do is buy more uarn and Ellen certainly has a wondertful selection. Check it out at http://www.pocketmeadowfarm.net/


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