Momentous news--the municipal administration has installed parking metersnext to Rock'n'roll Park. Parking tickets will no doubt be dispensed, as usual, by the surly meter maid who patrols an area that is all of a four block square in an emormous gas guzzling SUV. The mayor is aware that not everyone in the village agrees with this, but since it is not election year, he feels no compulsion to make any PR gesture.

Expect those who cannot afford parking fines to seek political asylum in Czechoslovakia. This would solve the municipality's problem. The poor are not welcome in the village, but the rising cost of sewer and water services and parking permits for residents who do not happen to have a driveway, might not be enough to force all those below the poverty line to seek another place of residence. Forcing the elderly to trot back to parking meters every forty five minute or face ungodly expensive tickets might help rid the municipality of some of the unwanted impoverished section of the population. Mind you, there are some Georgetown tourists who get wicked angry at the cost of the local parking tickets--they claim that Georgetown's are less costly. However, it would seem that disposable income is less of a problem for them than it is for local persons on a bare bones budget. The mayor does not think that the tickets are expensive at all. It is Brigadoon all right, folks. In a pig's eye.


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