Kumbayah, residents of Little Macondo, Malaysia and Poitou-Charentes! Following the advice of empowerment gurus, I identified my passions--Lior Ashkenazi, Orlando Figes, Simon Sebag, chocolate,Yevgenia's wild mushroom borstch, among others--I felt that it was time to build my knowledge of Blogger Analytics. Vhat catastrophe, vhat hoomiliashawn! Nowhere could I find forward slash body thingie after which one must paste Analytic's asynchronous tracking code. The Infanta rescued me and I am ready to offer an informal tutorial,
Copy the asynchronous tracking code from the Google Analytics page.
Open your blog page.
Click on Layout.
Click on Edit HTML

Paste code into blog template immediately before
Replace characters beginning with UA- with your web ID, which you can find in your Analytics account.
Et voila, you have Analytics tracking. You have predefined filter capability, mwahahaha. Simple, no? Very simple once you understand that the place the Analytics code is in your template. Now, why didn't Google geeks explain this more clearly? Shouldn't code be about clarity? BTW, it is most annoying that the new Blogger editor consistently eat the icon one must have in order to post graphics. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose, blast it.
Anyhoo, I see you are still in your jammies. I prescribe two doppio espressos and a brisk walk. As for me, I will start reading my next for-review book, Lori Gottlieb's MARRY HIM while I wait to hear from author Robert Hicks. My review of his novel, A SEPARATE COUNTRY, will appear shortly in my book blog


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